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The purpose of Abilitiessoft, Inc. is to develop software for people with disabilities. This effort is two-pronged. On the one hand, there is Open Source software development which produces software available to anyone. On the other hand, there is contract work for manufacturers who wish to expand the usability of their products for people with disabilities. The two are not mutually exclusive. The latter type of software may be free (in binary form) but is not generally Open Source. Contracts help to provide the resources that make strictly Open Source development of products that are needed but do not have a determinable market value possible. If you are interested in contracting for software development or would like to request development of particular software, please send e-mail to

Here is more information on the Chief Software Developer. If you would like to be an assistant developer, send e-mail to . Note that the Cover Letter and Resume emphasize contract work. This does not mean that Open Source development takes second place.

Abilitiessoft, Inc. was spun off from Computers to Help People, Inc. Most of the material on this site was originally on the CHPI site and was copyrighted by that organization. It has been modified and the copyright transferred to Abilitiessoft, Inc.

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